Kamyar Ahmadzadeh -persian - کامیاراحمدزاده- Alias KamyR was raised in Paris, France where his family moved to in 1980. While he was in public school, Kamyar attended music conservatory school for eight years playing piano as his primary instrument. During this time Kamyar also focused on mixing traditional Middle Eastern music with Jazz/Blues... Before music became his profession, Kamyar attended University of Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, where he studied English...At the age of 18, Kamyar realized he has an amazing singing ability as well. The biggest singing influence in his life came from R&B, Soul, and Funk, especially when he discovered Stevie Wonder, who changed his life and inspiration. He experienced his profession as a singer/pianist through concerts, tours and music halls. But the path to it was not an easy one. Kamyar's performances started on the street and metro stations with his best friend and partner Kim Carrera (Hakim Rachek)...In 2003, Kamyar made a transition from Paris to Los Angeles where he pursued his career in Persian market as a new lead singer of most famous band "Black Cats"...With his new style of Persian R&B and his ability to sing in more than five languages, Kamyar swept The Persian community and became a star overnight. With "Black Cats", Kamyar had numerous concerts, was featured on Persian television and magazine covers. One of his biggest achievements so far has been concert in Kodak theater, Universal Amphitheater and Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, including concerts in Dubai, Europe and Canada...Today Kamyar has reached a place where he has found his own personality through mixing R&B and Middle Eastern scales and techniques. Because of his unique style, his goals are to crossover into the international market and sing with his idol, Stevie Wonder...Kamyar believes that having a great voice is not enough to call yourself an artist, but being down to earth, respectful and never forgetting where you came from is a foundation of what he calls an absolute true artist. The philosophy Kamyar lives by everyday is " I feel honored you hate me for what I truly am, but I would hate you for loving me for what I am not".

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