Hamid Talebzadeh

    حمید طالب زاده در فروردین ماه 1355 در تهران متولد شد... وی بزرگ شده و ساکن تهران می یاشد ولی اصالت حمید طالب زاده آذری می باشد چون پدر بزرگ های حمید اهل ارومیه و زنجان بوده اند.... او خوانندگی رو از هفت سالگی شروع کرد. در چهارده سالگی وارد دوره جدید از خوندن شد و از بهمن ماه 1376 فعالیت هنری خودش رو آغاز کرد. اولین آلبوم حمید اسفند ماه 1379 منتشر شد که "ندای عاشقانه" نام داشت. دومین آلبوم او "چیکار کنم" هستش در شهریور 1382 وارد بازار موسیقی شد. وی برای ادامه فعالیت هنری خود، در آبان ماه 1391 به کشور آمریکا مهاجرت نمود.

    hamid Talebzadeh was born in Tehran Iran and His first album that was called - Lovely Voice (Nedaye Asheghane) Was published in 1379....His second album Chikar konam (What Can I Do ?) Was produced in 1382 with cooperation of the Ariyan Band and was introduced as a gift to the kind people of this country IRAN..Hamid talebzadeh started singing in family group when he was only 7 years old in Karaj in the Paradise of one of His father's friends... Hamid said Every Friday we had a friendly party in there and every one who had a pleasant voice whisper a song...My father & old brother were the number one and two of that group because of their pleasant voices...I sang in a group of 40 persons when I was only 7 years old...That song was called YEKI YEKI Golha ro Ba Gerye Par Par Kardam (I paled all the flowers while I was crying)that was arranged by Hoshmand Aghili... Al.though I was only a little child , but I was considered and also encouraged very much by others...This event motivated me and increased my interest to sing the song... During my study in guidance school (Raazie guidance school) I was always the singer of music groups...In 14 years old 1 entered in a new era of singing...I was familiared with my friends ....Saeed Lozoomi and Hotan Pour Ansari ' who were musicians...We make a group and started our activities...I Cooperated with a lot of artistic friends befor and after my travel to Kish Island - as Seyyed Hamid Reza Sadri , Yaqma Golroyee , Davood Nazem Zadeh , Seyyd Ali Razavi , RB , Amir Tajeri , Hamed Mansouri , Mohammad Janati , Hadi Afshari...I started my Artistic Activity From First Bahman 1376 and it had continue till Shahrivar 1378...When I came back to Tehran (From Kish Isand) I played my first album that was called Nedaye Asheghaneh(Lovely Voice)...It was published in Esfande 1379 with cooperation of my artistic friends : Mohammad Reza Cheragh Ali (PhD) , Seyyed Hamid Reza Sadr , Majdi Rezazadeh , Ramyar SheykhLari Kourosh Lashkari (PhD) , Amir Sargazi and musicians like : Shadmehr Aghili And other artistic friends that their all features exist in the insert of cassette. I had published my 2nd cassette - Chikar Konam ? - (What Can I Do ?) in Shahrivar 1382 with cooperation of my artistic friends in Aryan Band. Friends as : Nines Amirkhas , Ali Pahlavan , Sharareh Farnejad , Amir Sargezi and Babak Taghipoor

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