Mohammad Mehrab (born December 14,1985), better known by his stage name (Actem) or (Actem AWG) is an Iranian rapper. Actem is best known as a West side rapper in Karaj. He has started his action about hip hop since 1999. He was Following Eminem musics and his band D12 until 2005 and then he changed his opinion to west coast music. But he has started his music since 2006 and until 2010 he was singing in Persian language and then he changed his style to English language. He made his group (AWG) in 2006. His first album (FB Magic) released in 2014 and his second album (30 inches) released in 2016. He has many music videos on YouTube as (Just for respect) or (Cali Nightclub). Also he has start working with many local American rappers since 2010 until now.

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